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The Ten Sephirot

The first 3 Sephirot belong to the world of Atzilut אצילות (Nobility)chesednew


• The Keter כתר (Crown) Sephira – Related to 1st Sephira, the superego, the divine light. The first commandment (thou shalt not have other gods before me). Just as the number 1 exists in all other numbers, numer 1 symbolizes what is written in Shma Israel: “Hear, O Israel: the Lord is our God, the Lord is one,” and his name is one.


• The Chokhma חוכמה (Wisdom) Sephira – Related to the 2nd Sephira; it is the target of the power that exists behind anything dynamic.


• The Binah בינה (Understanding) Sephira – The 3rd Sephira is the consciousness that combines the two previous Sephirot. The result is knowing the creator himself and the power that builds and differentiates between shapes. Reality begins to take shape in the understanding. The understanding is connected to our mother Leah who receives the Lord’s wisdom. The world is created through the unification of wisdom and understanding. Astronomical body: Saturn.

Chesed, Gevura and Tifereth belong to the world of Creation.


• The Chesed חסד (Grace) Sephira – The 4th Sephira is the love, mercy and positive energy of compassion. It represents our father Abraham who receives the divine plenty and acts according to moral ethics. Chesed is tied to characteristics of generosity and giving. Astronomical body: Jupiter.


• The Gevura גבורה (Heroism) Sephira – The 5th Sephira is the will and the limit that teaches corporeal man not to be too attached to the material, as attachment to the material leads to feelings of lack. If Chesed and Gevura (justice) combine, mercy, which represents our father Yitzchak, shall be created. Astronomical body: Mars.


• The Tifereth תפארת (Splendor) Sephira – The 6th Sephira, the center upon which the energy of life is based. Astronomical body: the sun. Above the splendor, upon the cliff of consciousness, exists the invisible Sephira of Da’at that represents the point in man. The point of Israel, named after our father Yaacov: the creation of the 12 tribes.

Netzach, Hod and Yesod belong to the world of Creation.


• The Nezach נצח (Eternity) Sephira – The 7th Sephira expresses man’s feelings and desires and sexual attraction. Lusts and passions, which are basically positive, and are the power that drives man. Astronomical body: Venus, goddess of sensuality and nature. Victory and withstanding experience.


• The Hod הוד (Grandeur) Sephira – Monarchy and majesty. The 8th Sephira represents ambitions, thoughts and intellectual aptitudes. Represents God’s superiority over the spirit, inspiration and vision. Presents the struggle between good and evil. Astronomical body: planet Mercury. Combined with treachery and cunning.


• The Yesod יסוד (base) Sephira – The 9th Sephira is the basis of the subconscious. It is tied to mysticism, a base for all the active powers of God. Represents creation (sexual and spiritual), symbolizes the pairing of the divine and the human worlds. The Sephira accepts the abdunance of the divine world and of the Sephirot above it, and directs it to our world. It is no wonder that the Tzadik (righteous man) is called Tzadik base of the world; righteous deeds fulfill the world, the creator’s world influences man and man’s deeds influence the creator’s world. Astronomical body: the moon.


• The Malkhut מלכות (monarchy) Sephira – Symbolizes our mother Rachel who represents the body and the earthly senses. Planet earth is contained within this Sephira at the bottom of the Tree of Life. Here, the separation reaches its climax and consciousness is low. The Shekhina (divine presence) symbolizes the “low self” whose purpose is to unite with the “high self” (I = there is none) that is located above the Keter. According to the kabbalists’ doctrine, man in his sin caused the separation in the world of the Sephirot, the separation of the “monarchy” from the other 9 Sephirot. As a result, the Sitra Achra (kingdom of darkness) conquered this Sephira. The role of Israel’s righteous is to return the divine presence to its rightful place and to return peace and harmony to the divine world. This world does not merely affect our world but is also affected by men’s actions. The kabbalists had a saying, “The crown is in the monarchy and the monarchy is in the crown.” That is, the spirit exists within the tangled material. Though imprisoned, it is present and can always reinstate the absolute.