Millions of men and women from all over the world are discovering Kabbalah and changing their lives drastically after being reviled to the secrets of Kabbalah. The Kabbalah principles are the guiding lights that help us achieve the perfect balance in the universe we live in.

The Kabbalah names (also known as 72 Names of God) are 72 sequences of Hebrew letters that holds amazing power that can overcome the laws of nature in all its forms.

The formula of the Kabbalah names is encoded in the biblical story and was known only to a few people called kabbalists that kept this secret for thousands of years. But now, the secret of the Kabbalah Names is reviled to the world and you too can be exposed to the amazing power of the Kabbalah Names.

The 72 Names of God are each a 3 Hebrew letters combination names, that creates sequences which acts as an index to spiritual frequencies. Looking at these letters or visualizing them in your mind even if you can’t speak or read Hebrew can connect you with those spiritual frequencies and tunes your body and soul to a higher level and start experiencing amazing miracles.


The 72 Names of God


Everyone can learn the wisdom Kabbalah. You don’t need to have previous knowledge on the Kabbalah or be a part of any ethnic group. Learing Kabbalah is avalible for every human being regardless of his race, gender, beliefs or religion.

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