Love and Kabbalah Numerology

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We all want to have a positive and healthy relationship that will fill our world with happiness and joy. Kabbalah numerology can help you learn a lot about different aspects of your life but it can also guide you about the people around you that hold a significant part of your life and especially in your love life. With Kabbalah numerology we can help you check if your partner is compatible for you by combining your fate numbers. In order to check the compatibility we will need yours and your partner full birth dates.

The formula for checking this by the Kabbalah numerology is to combine all the numbers in the birth date into one number which will represent the fate number and the compatibility of the couple. For example, if you were born on June 28, 1971 (28/06/1971) than the calculation would be: 2+8+6+1+9+7+1=34. We will take the result 34 and make it one number 3+4=7. The fate number by the Kabbalah numerology for you is 7. The same calculation would be for your partner, for example, if your partner was born on November 17, 1970 (17/11/1970) than the calculation would be: 1+7+1+1+1+9+7=27. 2+7=9. The fate number for your partner by the Kabbalah numerology is 9. Now we will sum up both of the results 7+9=16 and we will make the result one number as we did before 1+6=7. The match fate number for you and your partner by the Kabbalah numerology is 7.

What does each number mean?


There is a sense of mutuality between these couples and the emotional closeness is very high. These couples enjoy a rich and creative common world. There is a possibility of hiding feelings between these couples which may lead to anger and tenses.


These couples support each other and have an honest and brave relationship (Very loyal couples). There is an unbalanced emotional dependence and these couples tend to avoid acting as individuals.


Very warm and emotional relationship with a lot of listening and understanding (Lots of empathy). These couples need to pay attention to the little details of supplying the needs of each other.


Couples that have an upfront and opened communication which may lead to a very warm and unite family. These couples are often very stubborn and don’t compromise. Another issue is the lack of accepting criticism.


Very open and giving relationship. These couples give each other the space they need for their personal development. There is a problem of too much freedom which may lead to alienation and a possibility of betrayal.


These couples have a lot of appreciation for each other. They are considered as a very harmonic and loving couples (Very supportive emotionally). Over dependence with these couples may lead to disappointments and not holding the expectations. A very emotional demanding relationship with the need to please each other.


Spiritual couples with a lot of trust and soul devotion. These couples are very open and have a very deep understanding of each other. The couples tend to have both a fear from betrayal and abandonment.


Mature and balanced relationship with a lot of giving and taking relations. These couples tend to have some disputes over money and control. There is a lot of ego between them.


Respectful and deep honesty relationship. These couples are very tolerant for each other. The couples in this relationship may have sadness and loneliness because of different world views.

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